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One bottle of Prost-P10x contains 30 daily packs of 6 capsules each that can be taken all at once or throughout the day with meals. For fast, effective results take daily.

Ingredients FAQ'S

Prost-P10x is Doctor formulated and manufactured in an ISO, NSF and GMP registered laboratory that is FDA audit compliant. Prost-P10x contains over 3000mg + 1000IU of the clinical therapeutic dosages of ingredients that have proven successful in restoring men's prostate health.

Full List of Ingredients

Prost-P10x contains NO gluten, egg, sugar, corn, dextrin, wheat, lactose, starch or other additives. Ingredients in Prost-P10x are Non-GMO and there are no artificial colors or flavors.


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*Includes Free Shipping
USA Only (Including USA Territories)

Flat Rate International

Save a total of 40% every order when you choose a 90 day supply of Prost-P10x on Autoship at checkout. You get 3 bottles for the price of 2 AND an additional Autoship discount. You also receive Free Shipping and a Free Copy of "Dr. Geo's Guide to Natural Prostate Health".


Bill Gottlieb"For my money, one of the best prostate formulas on the market is Prost-P10x. It's the most intelligently conceived supplement on the market; it's so rare that a supplement is both multi-component and reflects the clinical research that justifies the ingredients inclusion. You really gave guys what works, and what they need!"

Bill Gottlieb. Best Selling Health Author and Former Editor-in-Chief, Prevention Magazine Health Books

Renee Fowler"My husband has finally found relief! After combining both Prost-P10X and Flomax he is almost sleeping through the night, something he hasn't done in many years. More rest at night means he is feeling better about himself and not dealing with depression due to lack of sleep. He has also been watching his diet and eating healthier which has led to him losing ten pounds.

He had been using Flomax for a long time and it just wasn't helping so he stopped and was miserable. After speaking with the company I bought a 3 month supply for my husband, like was recommended, to give it a fair chance of working. He took the Prost-P10X for one month, in the 2nd month he kept taking it and then also started using Flomax again and there has definitely been a big change. I know that the Flomax alone wasn't helping, but the combination with Prost-P10X is what is working for him.

Recently, my husband took all the info about Prost-10x to his MD and his Dr. said to stay on it, because there was good stuff in it for the prostate. Always encouraging to have a medical doctor on board with things like this.

Thank you for all your help! "

Renee Fowler, Wendell, Idaho

Dutch Masters"I ordered this product based on the reviews. I was very hopeful. I am 57 and I have dealt with prostate issues for years. Recently I incurred a nasty prostate infection. After completing several rounds of antibiotics, the infection seemed gone but I now had the remaining issue of needing to urinate often-especially at night and an overall sense of discomfort.

I did not see any results for the first two weeks of using this product but then things did slowly change for the better. Three weeks in I am down to going twice or no times at all each night (down from up to 20 times a night). The discomfort has resided, the urge to urinate is down and I have to say I have had a small increase in libido (either because of the reduced symptoms or because the product is actually helping that issue). Things are definitely better than before I had my last infection.

I am convinced Prost P-10X does work. "

"Dutch" Masters, Peachtree City, GA