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Why should I prescribe Prost-P10x?

View Prost-P10x Supplement PanelStudies show that 73% of patients with age related prostate health concerns are taking or are looking to purchase natural supplementation whether or not it is discussed with/recommended by their primary physician. Prost-P10x is a therapeutic dose natural prostate supplement containing the strongest combination of research based ingredients; delivered in a convenient, once-a-day sachet.

By recommending Prost-P10x to your patients YOU maintain control of your patients’ health and primary care knowing they are getting the right natural ingredients at the levels that
have been shown to be successful in clinical trials.

Prost-P10x is also:

  • Doctor Formulated
  • Research Based
  • Contains Therapeutic Levels of Ingredients
  • Exclusive and Proprietary Blend
  • Ingredients Proven in Successful Clinical Studies
  • Packaged in a FDA Audited Facility
  • ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory
  • NSF GMP Facility Registration

What is NOT in Prost-P10x:

  • NO artificial colors
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO lactose
  • NO corn or dextrin
  • NO sugars
  • NO gluten
  • NO egg or wheat

What is the difference between Prost-P10x and other supplements?

Firstly, your patients want you to prescribe a supplement that can help with their prostate health. Your patients should also avoid those ingredients that have no proven effect, and/or contain ingredients that may be harmful or contain artificial additives and fillers.

Compare Prost-P10x to other Men’s Health Products

Second, Prost-P10x contains the therapeutic dosages that have been shown to be successful in the clinical trials and gives your patients the best support for their prostate health in conjunction with your traditional treatments.

In addition, other “men’s health” supplements containing “proprietary blends” do not disclose the levels/amounts of ingredients and generally do not contain the levels of ingredients that are required to have a therapeutic effect as shown by the studies. As a practitioner and health professional, you need to know EXACTLY what is in the formula you are prescribing in terms of dosages and be comfortable that those dosages and ingredients are the ones that are supported by the research studies and that they will not interfere with your treatment program.

How Do My Patients Get ?

The Prostate Research Labs Partner Program allows pre-qualified health professionals to offer Prost-P10x directly to their patients. This can be done either through direct sales from your practice as a distributor, or by means of a specific “partner code” to be used by your patients for direct purchases online. Patients who use your personalized “Partner Code” receive discounts and other benefits that are only available to practitioner partners and their patients.

Please contact us for more information on:

Selling Prost-P10x in your practice

Obtaining a "Partner Code" for online purchases

Requesting samples of Prost-P10x

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